Installation and renovation of roofing systems


Flat roof systems are most often used in newly constructed buildings with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure.

In order to provide the highest quality service to its customers by providing them with a waterproofing system with long-lasting and effective action, our team strictly follows all the main technological steps in its installation. We work only with insulation of the highest class.

  • ProTeam Department – Bitumen Waterproofing
  • ExpertTeam Department – Synthetic Membranes
  • Concrete Injection and Repair Department


This type of systems are widely used in the insulation of metal-structure halls and buildings. There are two main types of systems – with mechanical fastening and ballast system.

The advantage of the mechanical fastening is the lighter construction and the relatively faster installation.

In the ballast system, the insulation is more protected from environmental effects, which prolongs its life.


Pitched roofs are widespread in single-family housing.

Our team offers professional construction of wooden structures, as well as repair of existing roofs. The most common are the ceramic and bitumen tile roofs.

We work with high quality waterproofing materials only, both for under-tile and for finishing. This makes it possible to build the appropriate waterproofing system with the appropriate processing of details and roof ventilation.


Photovoltaic systems are modern high-tech facilities for converting solar energy into electricity. They represent an autonomous source of clean and renewable energy, ensure independence of consumption and enable accurate calculation and forecast of energy costs.

In the conditions of instability in the global energy markets and the constant rise in the price of electricity, photovoltaic systems are an increasingly preferred solution for both businesses and households.

SAT ENGINEERING offers comprehensive services in the design, construction and maintenance of solar power plants for industrial sites, administrative buildings and households.

Waterproofing of foundations

The construction of a reliable waterproofing system of foundations is of particular importance, because after the commissioning of the building or facility, any repairs are extremely difficult. That is why our teams work extremely precisely and with highest class materials only. We make both bitumen and PVC, TPO and FPO systems.

Waterproofing of tunnels and bridges

In most cases, tunnels and bridges are important infrastructure sites of national importance. This requires extreme precision in their implementation and strict compliance with deadlines. The tunnels are implemented mainly with PVC membranes without UV protection, and the bridges – with a bridge bitumen waterproofing membrane. With their high professionalism, our teams are a preferred partner in the implementation of some of the most complex and key projects.

Underground waterproofing systems

The construction of underground waterproofing systems has its specifics due to the requirements to ensure an extremely long service life, and due to the direct chemical impact to which the materials used are subjected.

Upon the waterproofing properties compromising, its repair is in many cases practically impossible due to the difficulty to provide access to the system. This applies especially to a number of special facilities – drinking or industrial water tanks, fire-safety systems, landfills, tailings ponds, etc.

The choice of suitable material is of particular importance for the overall reliability of the system. Underground waterproofing is subjected to continuous impact of water, which requires increased water resistance of the materials used. In practice, it happens that the underground waterproofing system is also exposed to the chemical effects of harmful substances such as industrial water, petroleum products or mineralized groundwater. In these cases, the use of some waterproofing materials – polymer and bitumen-based – is not recommended. The materials must also be biologically stable, as there is access of oxygen in the wetted areas and redox processes take place.

Underground water leak detection and repair

Leaks often occur in the underground levels of existing buildings due to poorly performed works and compromising of the existing waterproofing system. This is an extremely unpleasant problem requiring quality and rapid expert intervention to prevent flooding of basements and garages.

Our highly qualified team works with the most modern technologies and in extremely short terms in case of emergencies.

The main method of leaks eliminations in basements is the injection of resins of various types. We also apply repair of sections of destroyed concrete with the use of different materials. In certain situations it is necessary to use acrylic curtains, which form a waterproofing film on the water pressure side.

Custom solutions for single-family houses

  • Construction of new roof structures
  • Renovation of existing pitched roofs
  • Installation of ceramic and bitumen tiles
  • Construction of outbuildings and gazebos
  • Construction of summer kitchens
  • Construction of garages

Waterproofing materials

SAT Engineering Ltd. is an official representative and importer of the products of Bitunil – Nile Waterproofing Materials Co. – a reputable manufacturer of bituminous waterproofing materials. We offer the full range of bitumen APP and SBS modified membranes. The materials are of very high quality and are offered at competitive prices. BituNil waterproofing materials have extremely good adhesion to the substrate, easy to install and convenient to operate in a wide temperature range.

Bitunil – Nile Waterproofing Materials Co. was founded in 2000 with the technical assistance and the know-how of Novaglass – a leading Italian manufacturer of bitumen membranes. The main shareholder in BituNil is the world leader in the production of waterproofing materials, the French concern Soprema Group.

BituNil’s base is located in Egypt and is equipped with Nardini’s. most modern and high-tech production line. Quality control, research and innovation are one of the leading priorities of the company and the factories are equipped with some of the best laboratories in the world.