Who are we

SAT Engineering is an innovative Company specializing in the construction of waterproofing systems in industrial, civil and infrastructure construction.

The company is the contractor of the waterproofing works of some of the largest construction projects in Bulgaria.

SAT Engineering has a highly qualified engineering staff with more than 20 years of professional experience in the field. The Company employs over 50 people, the specialized teams of installers being structured in three units:

  • ProTeam Department – Bitumen Waterproofing
  • ExpertTeam Department – Synthetic Membranes
  • Concrete Injection and Repair Department

All company employees go through an intensive entrance program and ongoing professional training to improve their skills.

SAT Engineering Ltd. manages a portfolio of several subsidiaries – SAT Build, SAT Roofing and Sirius Ceramics.

SAT Build – construction of single-family houses
SAT Roofing – high quality repair of roofs and roof structures
Sirius Ceramics – trade in bathroom equipment and renovation products

Company Portfolio

SAT Engineering Ltd. manages a portfolio of several subsidiaries – SAT Build, SAT Roofing and Sirius Ceramics.

SAT Build is specifically specialized in high quality construction of single-family houses. Each project is managed by an engineering staff with many years of experience in the construction of various categories of projects. Highly qualified specialists are responsible for the execution of the rough construction, the finishing works, parts “Electrical Installation”, “Plumbing” and “HVAC”.

Depending on the preferences of the investor, SAT Build can offer three types of construction of single-family houses:

  • Monolithic construction
  • Metal construction
  • Wooden construction

SAT Roofing is specialized in renovation of roofs and roof structures of residential buildings. Our team includes some of the best specialists in the industry with more than 20 years of experience in this specific field.

SAT Roofing has an engineering design team that is directly involved in management
at each site and with the implementation of quality control. SAT Roofing teams perform
repair works on the roofs of different types of buildings:

  • Panel blocks
  • Reinforced concrete buildings
  • Brick buildings

Sirius Ceramics trades in bathroom equipment and renovation products. The showroom in Sofia offers over 2000 models of floor and wall tiles and over 600 items of bathroom products.

Sirius Ceramics offers various additional services for the convenience of its customers:

  • Individual bathroom design
  • Renovation project management
  • Transportation service
  • Consultation when choosing a solution
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General Manager

Eng. Jeko Jekov

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Stefan Petrov

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Chief Engineer

Eng. Nikolay Stoyanov

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SAT Engineering Ltd. is a growing company with a leading position in the market of waterproofing. One of the most important factors for our success is the highly qualified team of professionals who work for the company.