What our clients say

Eng. Nikola Stanilov
Chief engineer
“Glavbolgarstroy – Infrastructure Construction AD

My impressions about our joint work with SAT Engineering Ltd. are entirely positive.

The team is well-coordinated and the attitude to the work process is very responsible. The quality is high. The team is motivated to achieve the set deadlines and a quality end product. They are easy to work with.

In general – professional and correct attitude, without delay in the set terms.

I would recommend the services of SAT Engineering Ltd., because they know how!

Eng. Krassimir Deyanov
Construction Director

We have been working with the team of SAT Engineering Ltd. for more than three years, executing waterproofing of foundations and roofs of public and industrial buildings.

Their attitude for the work is highly professional, they keep the quality and cope with the agreed deadlines.

I have recommended them to other companies and investors who are looking for quality and integrity. Easy to communicate and convenient as partners!

Let the above also serves as a thank you for our joint work.

Eng. Radoslav Mutafov
Project Manager

The works executed by SAT Engineering Ltd. on the project “Showroom and car service, warehouses and offices of “MOTO PFOHE” Ltd. – Plovdiv” were of high quality and performed in a short time. The company has a highly qualified management and executive staff, with extensive organizational and practical experience. They have the necessary modern equipment and uses high quality materials.

Given their capacity, professional attitude and level of responsibility, we do recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. to other investors as a contractor for similar projects.

Еng. Tikhomir Tikholov
Project Manager

The team of SAT Engineering Ltd. is always ready with a technical solution in the shortest possible time and performs its delegated responsibilities in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Each element of the assigned tasks is performed without compromise, observing the relevant standards and technology, guaranteeing the required quality.

I do recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. as a correct partner, using quality materials and trained staff – guaranteeing the longevity of the installed waterproofing and thermal insulation materials.

Boris Glavchovski

On behalf of Hörmann Bulgaria Ltd. I can say that we have established good working relations with SAT Engineering Ltd.

SAT Engineering Ltd. has executed numerous installations and has participated in the implementation of some of our largest projects in Bulgaria in recent years.

Eng. Anastas Genov
Construction Director

We have been working together with SAT Engineering Ltd. for about a year, in their capacity of a subcontractor for the construction and installation of underground waterproofing.

The company offers engineering of the whole process (choosing materials, details to the specific project, etc.) and most importantly – has highly qualified installation crews. They execute continuous engineering of the site and respond promptly according to the provided work-front, the work schedule of the project and its progress. We have not found any warranty defects for the performed construction and installation works.

I can recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. as a correct partner in the implementation of waterproofing systems.

Eng. Mikhail Filipov

Our impressions of working with SAT Engineering Ltd. are definitely positive. The team is composed of professionals who always approach the work responsibly, regardless of the volume or unit price.

The client can rely on a quick response and a full guarantee, which is extremely important for waterproofing.

Given the above, we have recommended and will continue to recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. as a reliable partner and contractor of waterproofing systems.

Eng. Volodya Achov
Head of Technical Department

Glorient Investment BG has been working with the team of SAT Engineering Ltd. for more than two years. They executed waterproofing works in the foundations and roofs, installation of fire doors, installation of manual loading ramps and many other activities at our large commercial projects.

The attitude to the work is extremely professional, they always put priority on the quality and cope with the agreed deadlines.

I do recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. to other companies and investors as a reliable and responsible partner.

They are easy to communicate and convenient as partners.

Yankul Yankov

We issue the current reference of SAT Engineering Ltd. in connection with the implementation of a contract for supply and installation of hydro and thermal insulation on roofs of a newly built production base of Valian Ltd., co-financed by Norway Grants 2014-2021, “Business Development program, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria”.

SAT Engineering Ltd. is a correct and reliable partner and fulfils its commitments in a timely manner, applying new methods of work and proven professionalism. The team is able to offer the most appropriate solutions according to the needs of its customers, for which we issue this reference.

The team of SAT Engineering Ltd. works with desire, striving for improvement and precision in the details, which is evidenced by the results achieved.

We are happy to recommend SAT Engineering Ltd. and its team to everyone – both for small and large projects.

Kaloyan Georgiev
HealthStore Ltd

We have worked with SAT Engineering Ltd. on various projects related to the delivery and installation of waterproofing systems.

The team is well-coordinated and organized, they are extremely professional in their work. They have a competent engineering staff and well-trained installation crews.

I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who needs adequate and rapid intervention in the field of building insulation.